**New Run** Downtown Shopping Bags For 2017

Its time to order more shopping bags for the coming year!

We now have openings for new advertisers on the beautiful downtown shopping totes. 
If you would like to purchase an ad on the tote please contact Dawn 360-751-8525, soapfactory@comcast.net  
First preference will be given to existing advertisers.  

Pricing for the ads this year will be as follows:

  • Large ads $590 (5" X 2.5") (two free cases of bags with purchase)
  • Business card size ads $330 (3.5" x 2") (one free case of bags with purchase)
  • One line listings $130  (150 free bags with purchase)

All businesses will be responsible for getting their own artwork formatted at your individual expense.  Requirements:  Digital, black & white vector artwork only!  No grayscale or color images.  If you don't know what this means please contact your artwork department or a professional print shop.  Thank you!!