Wednesday, October 22, 2014

McThread's Wearable Art Boutique

Featured Business of the Week
Handmade Lace Shawl
Lace Shawl by Alessa Beringer

 A Touch Of New York On Broadway!

McThread's Wearable Art Boutique is an up-scale store abounding in beautiful, hand-crafted fashions from various local artists.

Owner/artisan, Linda McCord, has put together a stunning variety of some of our area's finest talents.  

Linda began as the owner of Lord & McCord Art Gallery exhibiting small amounts of hand-made jewelry and clothing in her space.  She quickly began to see the demand for such creations and decided to launch a full blown ladies' accessories shop.  Thus, McThread's was born. 

Her beautiful boutique has been thriving ever since and she now features seven jewelry artists and seven fibre artists.

Some of the area artists featured in her store include:  

Jewelry-by June Trusty, Fukiko King, Jeanette Fedorka, Ken Knodel, Ms. Marie and Michael Metz, Jan Dalen
Fiber Art- by Jean M. Watson, Heather E. Phillips, Daniela Nyberg, Alessa Beringer, Billie Bevers and Linda McCord.
Handmade Cards- by Jan Dalen and Ms. Marie.

These stunning photos are a glimpse into Linda's world of fine offerings.  But truly YOU MUST STOP IN AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES!   Pardon the dust, her fabulous historic building is being lovingly restored (so it will be just as gorgeous on the outside as the incredible artistry awaiting you on the inside).

Lace Shawl by Billie Bevers-Necklace by Fukiko King

Make Plans To Attend:

Fashion Show With Tea
Sat, Nov 8th at 2 PM
Free to the public!
10% off storewide!

McThread's Wearable Art Boutique
1206 Broadway
Longview, WA  98632
Linda McCord (360)261-2373

Linda still owns her art gallery which is conveniently located right next door.  

Lord & McCord Art Gallery Features:  

  • Wood turning 
  • Fused glass
  • Ceramics that are carved and some that are crystalline glazed
  • Metal inflexion cards (small artwork to be framed), and wall hanging (these are made mostly from copper)
  • Also included are paintings by owner/artisan Linda McCord (watercolors, acrylics, pastels) that are occasionally exhibited.

Felted Wool Shawl by Linda McCord
Purse by Ms. Marie
Necklace by Michael Metz
hand-carved wooden vase
Wood Turning by Gary Bevers

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gyee Lay Gyee

Check out our Daily News article!

Featured Business of the Week

Indian, Thai & Sushi Restaurant

Fast, Fresh & Friendly!  The feedback I'm hearing on this new restaurant has been outstanding!  Service is EXCELLENT & the food is DELICIOUS!
Facebook Feedback
Emily Writes:  The presentation and quality of the food was GREAT!  We had #32 a spicy shrimp and vegetable dish and pineapple fried rice!  If you want a good meal, eat here!

Katherine Writes: Food was great quality and REALLY FRESH  INGREDIENTS!  New favorite place to eat in Longview.

I spoke with one patron the other day and they couldn't say enough about the EXCELLENT SERVICE AND QUALITY FOOD!

Indian Thai Food
1312 Commerce Ave (360)577-3956
All You Can Eat Buffet Special
Wed-Fri, 11AM-2PM
(includes salad) $8.99
Senior Discount

Restaurant Hours:

Mon-Sat, 11-9, Sun 11-7

Gyee Lay Gyee

1312 Commerce Ave.

**Footnote: 10/21/2014 Gyee Lay Gyee would like to thank all of the wonderful people who came in to eat yesterday!  We apologize for the long wait and hope you will stop in again soon!  Response to the Daily News article was OVERWHELMING!  Thanks to everyone who came in!  Sincerely May & Aye

The following menu items speak for themselves; As much a work of art as they are delicious to eat!  

Four Seasons Plate

Volcano Mint Plate
Volcano Mint $6.99

White Dragon Plate

Salmon Roll Sushi

Vegetable Roll Sushi

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